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Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, macarons are always sure to impress!

Macarons are an almond flour based cookie.  They can be colored to match your event, decorated, or even made into custom shapes!  Macarons start at $40 per dozen with two flavors per dozen.  Decorated macarons start at $50 a dozen.



* Blueberry 

*Birthday Cake 

*Camomile & Honey



*Chocolate Salted Caramel 

*Chocolate Peanut butter 




*Cookies n Cream^

*Cookie Butter^


*Earl Grey


*Fruity Pebbles



*Hazelnut Nutella 


*Lemon Raspberry 


*Mint Chocolate Chip

*Passion Fruit


*Peanut Butter & Jelly

*Pecan Cinnamon 


*Pumpkin Spice

*Pumpkin Latte


*Roasted Marshmallow 

*Salted Caramel


*Spiced Chai Latte



*White Chocolate

^= not gluten free

Macarons: Text
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